ACT - The American College of Thessaloniki

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ACT - The American College of Thessaloniki

As the tertiary division of Anatolia College, a historic educational institution that dates back to 1886 and serves all levels of education, ACT offers student-focused programs taught by seasoned professors who are able to combine knowledge with real life experience. ACT has also been the school of choice for over 3000 visiting students, holding partnerships with major US and other institutions.

ACT's comprehensive curriculum offers Bachelor degrees in Business with 4 concentrations, Computer Science, Business Computing, Psychology, Political Science & International Relations, and English with 2 concentrations, a Master of Science (MS) in Hospitality and Tourism Management, a Master of Science (MS) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with 4 concentrations.

The combined degree programs that ACT runs in collaboration with renowned US & EU educational institutions also offer our students the opportunity to pursue degrees in various additional disciplines that include Hospitality & Tourism, Engineering, etc.

ACT also provides an extensive need and merit-based financial aid program.

Why ACT?

  1. Challenging, high quality study programs: Advanced studies with the style and substance of a true American University.
  2. World-class facilities: A 45-acre campus encompassing the 4,500m2 Bissell Library, one of the most sophisticated private facilities of its kind in Southeast Europe, and the Stavros S. Niarchos Technology Center, which gives students access to the latest tools in information technology.
  3. A diverse, multicultural environment: Where students are encouraged to grow, develop and enhance their interpersonal skills.